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  • The name is quoted from the surname of French-Chinese artist Sanyu. He devoted his life to express his persistence and desire for art, which is very moving and touching. The first exhibition of Chang Museum was his solo exhibition "Sanyu·Uncommon". This kind of invisible force also promoted the birth of Chang Museum, and I especially thank Mr. Chen Jixiang for his wonderful idea in the naming of Chang Museum.

    Chang Museum, which was prepared for two years, was opened in 2019 and located on the left of the Xiamen Chenzhou Intercontinental Hotel. Three independent exhibition spaces create an infinitely extended dimension of art. Each visitor could intimately dialogue with the artwork and obtain perception and realisation from the spiritual level.

    In addition to art exhibitions, the Chang Museum also conducts public education projects such as series of forum lectures, art events and multimedia art to promote the popularisation and spread of local art. The art derivatives we launched also carry our hope in integrating art into daily life.

    Chang Museum carries a good yearning for the spiritual world of human beings. With the delivery of artistic aesthetics as the core, the museum creates different levels of artistic spirit gathering, presents beauty without reservation, devotes to creating different levels of artistic spirit gathering and enjoyment, hoping to become a cultural hub of the city and a place to attract people.

    Every golden age of civilisation has similar rules. The development of science and technology gains the strength for us, while art gains the temperament of the times. We hope to endow the real life to Chang Museum - it should not only be a place where people appreciate art, but also a bridge between art and the public and to bring a wonderful artistic environment and atmosphere to the visitors. This place is not only for artists but for everyone as well. We hope everyone could enjoy the beauty of art here and listen to the echo of spiritual collision.