• I am a Cloud in the Sky

    Solo Exhibition of Zhou Yang

    Oct.12 2019 - Nov.24

    Zhou Yang said: "I am a very casual and relaxed person. Freedom of mind and time are quite important to me, as well as to the creation of art. I think the clouds could relax and heal my mood. At the same time, they make me feel like I was back in my childhood."

    Therefore, the clouds painted by Zhou Yang are not tangible, yet a medium to express inner freedom and admiration towards nature and life. In order to create the "cloud" in his heart, Zhou Yang, who was over fifty years of age, jumped out a stable life and went to Paris for further education for four years. After nine years of retreat, Zhou Yang finally achieved to paint the "cloud" in his heart. This piece of "cloud" flew over the Taiwan Strait from Miaoli Sanyi and arrived at the Chang Museum.

    Over 30 pieces of Zhou Yang's "Cloud" series have been exhibited in two exhibition halls.

    With natural light and 12 metres high ceiling, the exhibition hall on the first floor allows the visitors to be immersed in the large scale "Skylight & Shadows" series, being amazed by the clouds without the oppressiveness. The dark space created by the thirdfloor exhibition hall provides meditation retreats for visitors to relax and achieve the effect of cloud healing.

    The great form is without shape - "Skylight & Shadows" of the Clouds series, which was started in 2010 and finally completed ten years later. Zhou Yang regards it as a turning point and innovation in his artistic life.