• Communicating with God

    Lin Dingyi Solo Exhibition

    Jan.01 2020 - May.10

    It has been 25 years since Lin Dingyi was connected with art.

    He described his creative process in this way: "This is a kind of both spiritual and ideological extreme. This kind of extreme is needed in art as it is the process of revealing truth of the soul. What is really important to us cannot be seen by eyes only but also requires blessing from the soul."

    Lin Dingyi repeatedly sensed, pondered and polished with stainless steel and red copper which seemed solid yet actually soft metal material. He sent a signal to God from his soul - "Yes, I am talking to you." Finally, he created his artwork for this exhibition "Communicating with God".

    The three exhibition halls adapt all white or all black as the main tone. We have tried to separate the natural light, hoping to allow each visitor to feel the light of the work in a pure and undisturbed space, and grasp the beam of light in their heart.

    He does not have many annotations regarding his work as the real art is to awaken the induction and cognition in every individual's heart. 

    Without the restriction caused by much description, visitors can perceive everything and feel more contented. "Communicating with God" does not refer specifically to which God, but the "One"who  talks to his own soul. This is true for Lin Dingyi, as well as for each visitor.