• Waiting from White Arts

    Richard Lin

    Jul.25 2020 - Oct.25

    Richard Lin believes that "White is the sum of all colors." Maybe white is prosaic in our eyes, but Richard Lin has used the exquisite simplicity of white to a different absolute level: The colors of pigments are dense, light, deep, thin, and thick, just like the expression of five color gradations of Chinese ink in Chinese landscape ink painting. That made Miro admired, he said: "Lin is unmatched in the world of white color." Lucio Fontana was inspired to create his famous work "Spatial Concept" after visiting the studio of Lin. Lin was also the first Chinese to be selected to participate in the "Kassel Documenta" in Germany. All of these can prove the international status of Richard Lin.

    Richard Lin's character and creative spirit are refined and precise, rigorous and profound. Compared to the expression of bright colors and changeable lines, Richard Lin constantly pursues and explores the absoluteness in art, using western material in "subtraction" time after time to express visual and philosophical connotations rich in oriental meaning.