Sanyu · Uncommon

Solo Exhibition of Sanyu

Jun.08 2019 - Aug.25

On June 8 2019, the 53rd anniversary of the death of Sanyu, we "invited" him to the Chang Museum.

The thematic exhibition of "Sanyu · Uncommon" was the first exhibition since the opening of the Chang Museum and the first solo exhibition of Sanyu's "Return to Mainland". This exhibition displayed nearly 40 pieces of Sanyu's collections from various periods and various media. In addition to conveying the emotion of his paintings, the main axis of the exhibition also elaborated the classic stories of his life, as well as the mutual influence and breakthrough on both Chinese and Western culture and art.

Sanyu's most famous artwork is the series of female nudes. Facing the unrestrainedness of women, Sanyu made good use of the simplest and fastest lines, regardless of the details; while expressing the tenderness of women, Sanyu's brushstrokes carries a delicate, gentle and elegant style. The nude lady became the companion of his life. If the female nudes painted in the early years still exudes sensuality, the ones painted in the later years do not contain the lines as fast and smooth as when he was younger but slower and solid, with a sense of stability and calmness.

Sanyu not only painted the female nudes but also painted flowers and animals. These flowers and animals also carrie the femininity of a female body. Even better, Sanyu only adapted pure lines to draw the outlines of these objects. It takes only a few minutes to capture the charm of the object brightly and concisely, such as it is penetrating.

Interpreting Sanyu's paintings is to interpret his emotions. Throughout his entire life, women were his core subject. Although there were many rumors going around, he was still a pious and faithful artist.

  • Activity | A “Love” Letter to Sanyu

    Jul.24 2020 - Jul.27
  • Activity | A “Love” Letter to Sanyu

    Jul.24 2020 - Jul.27

    In the "Sanyu·Uncommon" exhibition in 2019, we invited the viewers to write a letter to Sanyu. In just two months, there have been more than 500 letters.


    On the last day of the exhibition, with the huge wind and rain outside, maybe your loneliness is similar to mine. In the wilderness of the sky, we are the people who jointly trace the harbor. Even though there is nowhere to be found, fortunately, I met you in a familiar cafe six years ago. I visited your painting exhibition in Hong Kong and hid in the corner to watch those viewers. In the trance, there seems to be a view of your back.

    Today, I met you again in the city where I lived for almost four years. I hope that loneliness is just a strange child who is gradually appeased after being fed. It is peaceful and gradually fading away.

    @ashley z

    You are like an orange in the refrigerator

    Warm and smart

    Melting with a sense of cold

    This coldness is brought to you by chance

    Can't stop your enthusiasm, loneliness, and elegance

    In the letter, they wrote about their love and thoughts for Sanyu. When these letters travel through time and space to Sanyu, he will surely feel relieved.