• Xiamen Chang Museum "Art for All- -Andy Warhol" 2021 Pop exhibition opened

    After a long time in preparation, Xiamen Chang Museum finally opened the new exhibition "mystery veil" on July 25,2021.The three-month 2021 turned its eyes to Pop art leader Andy Warhol.The theme of this exhibition, "Art for All- -Andy Warhol", means that art belongs to everyone, which is also the artistic spirit that Andy Warhol has always maintained.

    The exhibition features 72 works by Andy Warhol from 1962 to 1986, covering five media materials: screen printing, offset prints, plate printing, photos and video images. Andy Warhol's most widely known "Can Campbell Soup" series, "Marilyn" series, "Flowers" series, and "Cow" series were included in the exhibition. In addition, commercial posters, photography and images are also the highlights of the exhibition, presenting the master's outstanding performance in art, advertising, design and photography.

    The 72 works are full of three exhibition halls of Xiamen Chang Museum. Meanwhile, the art continues to create a strong interactive exhibition. Design three exhibition halls with Andy Warhol-style installations to place the viewer in a colorful Pope world and get a special immersive viewing experience.

  • “Catharsis | Vicissitude”: Hsia Yan's first solo exhibition in Fujian opened officially on November 29

    Under the witness of all the viewers, together with the artist Hsia Yan , we opened the prelude to the exhibition "Catharsis | Vicissitude" on November 29, 2020.

    "Catharsis | Vicissitude" is the third exhibition planned by the Chang Museum to target Chinese artists before and after World War II. The opening ceremony kicked off on time at 15:00. The exhibiting artist Hsia Yan, The founder of Shanghai Eye Level Art Gallery Mr. Wu Congrong, The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts professor Mr. Cai Tao, and the director of Chang Museum Mr. Lin Dingyi gave speeches respectively. 

    The exhibits in this exhibition are all supported and provided by Shanghai Eye Level Art Gallery. them cover more than twenty paintings and sculptures from 1971 to 2020 of Hsia Yan, covering large-scale landscape series, "Fuzzy People"series and traditional folk myths series. Among them, the large-scale landscape painting, "Landscape 6", which was created in this year. It is the first time to public exhibit.

  • “Waiting from White Arts”: Richard Lin's first solo exhibition in mailand, China opened

    On July 25th, "Waiting from White Arts—Richard Lin": Richard Lin's first solo exhibition in the Mainland, China officially opened in the Chang Museum. 

    At the opening ceremony, Mr. Lin Han and Mrs. Lei Wanying, founder of Beijing M woods art museum, Mr. Li Zhanhao, director of M woods art museum, Mr. Tong Yan, associate professor of art department of Xiamen university, artist Mr.Ouyang Chun and Mr. Lin Dingyi ,The director of Chang Museum definitions are all present at this ceremony as guests. This exhibition lasts until October 25th. The exhibits cover various periods style works of Richard Lin, including his most famous "White Series" works. As Richard Lin's first solo exhibition in the mainland, China, since white is Richard Lin's representative color therefore the exhibition's theme color is white. The exhibition is divided into three exhibition halls in this time,The exhibits cover four types of drawings, oil paintings, prints, and relief painting.

  • “Communicating with God”: The opening of Lin Dingyi’s solo exhibition

    On the afternoon of January 1 2020, the ceremony for the opening of Lin Dingyi's solo exhibition "Communicating with God" was held at Chang Museum.

    The artworks exhibited are metal sculptures made of stainless steel, red copper and other materials, condensing Lin's 25-year pursuit of art and exploration of himself and his beliefs.

    Lin Dingyi came to the site of Chang Museum to share his creative experience with the visitors.

  • “I am a Cloud in the Sky”: The opening of Zhou Yang's solo exhibition

    On October 12 2019, artist Zhou Yang brought the "Cloud" series of artworks from Miaoli, Taiwan to Xiamen to be display in Chang Museum. In addition to sharing the

    creative experience with the visitors, he also brought the handwritten heart sutra to the visitors.

    The "cloud" in Zhou Yang's works is not a tangible and figurative cloud, but to expresses the spirit of freedom and praises the beauty of nature through the "cloud".

    In this exhibition, over 30 pieces of Zhou Yang's "Cloud" series were exhibited, which

    were exhibited in the two exhibition halls of the first and second galleries, respectively.

    The pure white space in the first exhibition hall is matched with the 12-meter high

    ceiling, for that the large-scale "Skylight & Shadows" series could be better presented

    to the visitors; the black space created in the second exhibition hall allows the visitors to

    feel like they are in the "cloud" to achieve peace of mind and body.

  • “Sanyu · Uncommon”: The Opening of Sanyu Theme Exhibition

    On June 8, 2019, "Sanyu·Uncommon" in Xiamen Chang Museum opened.

    The exhibition was the first exhibition of Chang Museum since its opening, also the first solo exhibition of Sanyu in mainland, China. The exhibition displayed Sanyu nearly 40 works of every period and metarial libraries.

    Chariland group chairman Mr. Chen Jixiang, Xiamen Reddot design museum curator Mr.Shi Zhenhong, Chang Museum director Mr.Lin Dingyi attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, expressed their expectation and wishes to the exhibition and Chang Museum. The scene also invited Art critic, Mr. Pi Jiandao to have the theme lectures:"Sanyu's Art in The World", let visitors understood this great artists more deeply.

    In addition, the musician Ms. Yang Yinuo also played violin song for the visitors in the three layers of the exhibition hall respectively.