Lin Dingyi

Lin Dingyi was born in Taiwan and graduated from the Sculpture Department of China Academy of Art. As a contemporary art creator, Lin Dingyi had a variety of creative forms, from planes, three-dimensional installations, spaces to architectural design, which gained him multiple identities: curator of Xiamen Chang Museum, an architectural designer and an interior designer. In 2009, his architectural design work, Baishi Art Museum, became the location for multiple brand advertisements. He has won the Tenth Taiwan Biennial Award for International Printmaking and the National Award for Literary Arts. The large-scale works were collected by Xiamen Intercontinental Hotel.

In 2019, Lin Dingyi held a solo exhibition "Communicating with God" at Xiamen Chang Museum. He integrated self-belief into his creative concept and devoted himself to the "God" in his inner world and allowed God to lead hims to explore the inner and create art. In terms of materials, Lin Dingyi adapted stainless steel, red copper and other metals as the main body of the sculpture. The smooth stainless steel reflected the figure of the audience and the surrounding environment, creating a distorted but special visual experience.

Lin Dingyi's smooth and restrained personality was his infinite passion for life. He had experienced the pains of life and death, which inspired his sensational creative concept and connotation. He has the ability to feel the changes of heaven and earth and the natural form in detail, while his works explore the pure appearance of the soul of life in the troubled world. Lin Dingyi considers that his works are connected with his life. He draws from heaven and earth, expresses heaven and earth and human life in a pure form. He uses sculpture as a medium to talk with the natural environment and spiritual level. Lin Dingyi continuously uses sculpture to convey that he believes art could be close to the conversation between life and the natural environment. His sculpture is pure and he looks forward to having a conversation with all the stars, which could be retained forever.