Lin Dingyi: Sanyu’s eyes

Since the opening, as the curator of the Chang Museum, Mr. Lin Dingyi held his first lecture in the museum. The theme of the lecture was named "Sanyu's Eyes" as Mr. Lin believed that Sanyu's unique observation method created the uniqueness and style of his artworks.

Mr. Lin started from the birth of the Chang Museum and extended it to the connection between the museum and Sanyu. He analysed the works of the current collection from the perspective of uniqueness, he shared his own artistic insights.

The word CHANG comes from the surname of Sanyu, which has the meaning of eternity. In addition, CHANG could be divided into "Shang and Ren", which means outstanding.

Some people say that Sanyu's lines are so simple that even children can draw them. However, the simpler the lines are, the more subtle the emotions are. His paintings pay attention to connect the three spaces with concise lines and perspective method, put the connotation of body into it and emphasise the inner spiritual world, hence his paintings are more approachable and intriguing.

Sanyu is casual and unrestrained. He has not obatined regular college training, yet he formed his own categories with a distinctive personality. His persistence in self also caused an unknown situation, however, after settling in the art torrent, Sanyu was finally discovered by future generations.

Lecturer / Lin Dingyi
Curator of Xiamen Chang Museum, Architect, Interior designer, Contemporary art creator

Sanyu · Uncommon