Li Zhanhao: Waiting from White Arts—Richard Lin

Richard Lin, a 20th century talented and graceful bearing Chinese abstract artist born from a well established family. However, he is rarely known in the Mainland, China. 

While he has a distinguished family background, but he lived precariously when he was studying in a foreign country for various reasons.The huge disparity between the level of the living standards and the difference of the Eastern and Western cultures which also prompted him to finally find and confirm his own style in the collision of different cultures and ideas.

From the lyrical abstract oil painting that he entered the painting circle to the subsequent geometric abstraction later, simplicity, less is more, has always been Richard Lin's creative "rulrs".

The use of white, geometry, abstraction, Taoist thought, and the use of various material eventually formed the core of Richard Lin's work, it also enabled him to combine Chinese art with the world's avant-garde art trend, he make an epic fusion of Eastern and Western cultures in the field of modernist art.

Veteran collector Li Zhanhao had a deep interpretation of Lin's great work, starting with Lin's life experience and the background of creation.

Lecturer / Li Zhanhao
Veteran collector, Director of M woods art museum

Waiting from White Arts