Tong Yan: Sanyu and I - Dialogue

The visitor's art appreciation activity is not only a spiritual enjoyment, but also a process of comprehending life’s will, discovery and education.

In order to allow visitors to enjoy and understand Sanyu's works from a professional perspective, on June 15 2019, we were honoured to invite Tong Yan, an important figure in the art world, to interpret the three works "Elephant", "Dream" and "Five Nudes" of Sanyu for all visitors.

Tong Yan said: "Sanyu is an ordinary and real person, who loved himself and his life and was happy to experience and enjoy loneliness. He sincerely showed the free value of individual life. Therefore, Sanyu's paintings are the naive Fauvism that are full of daily life rather than the visual Fauvism that aims to highlight the ontological value of the aesthetic form."

Lecturer / Tong Yan
Associate Professor of Department of Fine Arts of Xiamen University, Deputy Director of Theoretical and Artistic Committee of Fujian Artists Association,
Executive Director of Fujian Provincial Literary and Art Critics Association

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